[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Q-*: Who are we?
A-*: Read About to find out.

Q-*: Can I join pC-fREAK?
A-*: Everyone that accepts our ideas is welcome here.

Q-*: How to hack?
A-*: Learn to read. Reading is good and google is your friend

Q-*: How to join you?
A-*: Well simply send me mail at hipo@pc-freak.net.
--*You can also join us by laying ur but on
--*UNI-BG's irc.spnet.net chan --> #pc-freak

Q-*: How to became a hacker?
A-*:Read Q-*: How to hack?

Q-*:How to decrypt *nix password files? A-*:Use John The Ripper or Crack
--*:I have never used Crack so no idea is it good or not.
--*:So consider using John it works fine.

Q-*:Isn't all this FAQ a bull shit?
A-*:This wasn't supposed to be useful for real h4x0rs
--*:So if you see all this is useless just skip this section.

Q-*:Where to find up2date exploits?
A-*:Check Out the Packetstormsecurity.nl site.

Q-*:What can be benefits of being a member?
A-*:No benefits we don't have a benefit goals of existence.
--*:We exist and use the hackers ethics for our ideal.
--*:Information Shall be Free...

Q-*:What is to be a hacker?
A-*:There is a good issue about this from R. Stallman
--*:called on-hacking.html
--*:If you still don't know who stallman is then visit
--*:his personal website here

Q-*:Okay I don't like Microsoft i didn't want to use
--*:Their Products etc. What are my alternatives?
A-*:There are lots of alternatives here are some
--*:Examples for such ones:
--*:Use opensource solutions like Linux, BSD, Open VMS, Minix etc.
--*:See GNUand BSD Websites for details.
--*:If you don't like the open source philosophy then
--*:You can Always use a commersial products like SUN,
--*:RedHat Server Editions, etc. Search in google right:]

Q-*:What Kind of Hackers you are? White Hats, Gray Hats, Black Hats?
A-*:Personally my philosophy is most similar to the Black Hat one.
--*:But this is personally mine. Every can handle what phil. he
--*:likes best, Who cares at all?:]

Q-*:There are lots of spell and typing errors on the site. Why?
A-*:I'm not English native. So I guess my english is awful.

Q-*:Why the site looks so ugly?
A-*:Lots of people has asked me this answer is simple
--*:It's not important how something looks like it's
--*:important what's his goal.

Q-*:Why hacking?
A-*:Hacking :== Observing and Showing how smart you are IMHO.
--*:I think that's all about it. Enjoy hacking:]

--*:Please Send all crytics to my mail hipo@pc-freak.net.Thanx.

If you didn't like something in the FAQ please let me know.


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