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                CC   CCCC      fffffffffff   RRRR             AAAAAA
    PPPPPPP    CC               ff     ff RRRRRRRRR           AAAAAAA    KKK  KK
     pp   PP  CCC               ff    fff RR      RR          AAa   AA  KKKK  KK
     PP   PPP CCC              ff        RR      RRR           AA   AAA  KK  KK
     PPPPPP   CCC              ff  ff    RRRRRRRRR     eeeeee  AA   AAA  KK KK
    PPP       CCC              fffffff   RRRRRR       eee  eee AA   AAAA KKKK
     PP       CCC             ff   ff    RRRRR       ee     ee AAaaaAAAA KKK
     PP        CC     CCCC    ff         RR RR       eeeeeeeee AA   AAA  KKKKK
    PPPP        CC    CCC    fff         RR  RR      ee        AA   AA   KK  KK
    PPPP        CCCCCCCC    fffff        RR   RRRR    eeeeeee AAAA  AAA KKKK KKK
                   CCCCC                RRRR   RRRR    eeeee  AAAA  AAAA     KKK

                                             |M| |A| |G| |A| |Z| |I| |N| |E|!

PC-FREAK was planned to be a ASCII H/P/A/F AntiMicrosoft, AntiBTC magazine in the beginning. We were kids then and some other hacking / phreaking related magazines have their influences on us. One day I and a friend of mine whom nickname was Dark Doomer, Decided to create organization by the model of organizations like phreedom and others like electronic magazines by that time. Our first attempts were not exactly so much computer concerned, but mostly were useless funny texts connected to stuff that happened to us on those days in school or in life at all. Anyway through the time i did keep the pcfreak idea alive and tried to resurrect it with a couple of new friends that i've found on the net. This happened around the year of 2000. We tried to publish some stuff and keep the magazine development going. But there was not enough knowledge nor human resource to keep it alive regulary, so the few issues of the magazine that were out were looking funny not completed and useless. I've realised that ,and started to encourage everyone of us to start to develop specific skills at specific stuff. We were help each other on the IRC. Our knowledge database was growing. That's why this site is all about. It will try to explain some hackers ethics, conceptions , to give you usefull geek info and other stuff for computer addicted ppl. Don't expect this place to be updated regularly. It will surely not. Anyway hang around and you won't get disappointed. We surely will try to keep the basic stuff we'd done around for as long as possible and put new projects at the time we can and want. The Interests of the pcfreak members are primary in the stage of the computer security, computers network, network exploration, different types of hackers cultures, computer history, and programming techniques. We are also trying to learn programming languages, and build fast but usuable to the security research area and tools in our sefldevelopment process. Currently most of the time we can be found or irc ( join #pc-freak on servers ( irc.spnet.net:6667,irc.lirex.com:6667) ) or contact us threw the contact info mail i've putten below. Most ppl of the pcfreak crew are currently located in Bulgaria but anyone internationally that loves to have fun with machines is welcome. Our interest vary primary in BSD-s/Linux-es/Sun-s/VMS-es/ciscos. We don't like the propertiary software / OSes at all anyway we explore it too, cause knowing the enemy is nice way to defeat it. Everything that is connected to a network or in other words does "move" is of interest to us. Everything computer concerned is fun to learn, explore and hack. Our hacking philosophy is mostly well defined by the blackhat hackers philosophy we don't think exploring a security hole should be given to the world. This would just aim the Script Kiddies audience and they'll use it for running eggdrops / bncs or making chaos. We believe that everyone who hacks and explores stuff mostly because of fame or money is doomed to fail. A Hacker should not afraid to call himself a hacker just because the crowd think that hackers are cruelly intentioned and all they do is just to stole things kill their neighbour's dog or rape their young children. That is bullshit thinking and is completely irrelevant. Everyone that thinks all the above should stay away from us and not to distrurb us. If you are experiencing problems with this site or have good suggestions about it. Feel free to contact me on my mail: hipo@pc-freak.net and put a word on your ideas. That's it! Be a nice guy help your neighbour's (developers),keep your mind clear and fresh, and keep hacking.

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