Ph3ar the Hipopotam!
You are supposed to see a hipotamian picture here :]
Name: hipodilski (hip0)
Age: Probably between 18-25
Gender: Male
Music: Metal,Punk,Hard Rock,Industrial,Death,Gothic,Ethonic,Electro.
Favour bands: Nine Inch nails, Sepultura, Metallica, Hipodil.
Interests:Computer Security, Programming Languages, Cryptic machines, Strange stuff on the net, All that is fun and looks scary for the average user.
Favourite Phrase:"In my nothing you meant everything to me ..."
Favour Game:DooM,Maniac Mansion,Carmageddon And Most of the old arcade retro games.
Hates:Pop Music,Mother Fucking Pedals,Idiots, Laziness, Public places, Publicity at all...
Favour Food: Not defined. Still not sure about it. I really like Russian Salad
Favour Colors: Green; Black; Dark brown.
Things i admire at: True love. Everything in life that's real e.g. not faked. Nice smart people, Smart girls, Gothic stuff, Great Music, Philosophers, All feelings that kills us sometimes and keep us going at other.

I've included herein a little paper i've wrote about my life Here

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